14 May 2013

Attack of the Lake Ice!

Did you hear about the ice in Minnesota? Pretty crazy!

If you didn't, here is what happened.

Lake Mille Lacs (pronounced Mill Lax) is a popular vacation spot in Minnesota and on its banks is the Izatys Resort. It was here, and other areas of the shoreline, that watched helplessly as ice crept up onto the shore and toward the buildings.

This event occurred because of 30-40 mph winds on the lake that drove the ice ashore. An article on CNN,
'Ice tsunamis' sweep into homes by Brad Lendon, broke it down for us.

There are large blocks of ice out toward the middle of the lake. Strong winds start pushing them toward shore. As they approach they act like bulldozers, pushing smaller bits of ice in front of them. As the bulldozing blocks of ice approach the shore they push the gathered ice up onto land. The ice keeps comin' until the the large blocks are stopped, or the wind stops. 

Pretty creepy to watch!

I had never heard of this before, and it is pretty interesting. Definitely something I would like to see for myself someday!


  1. It reminds me of what happened on our river where huge blocks of ice were pushed up in the yard all the way to the road. Thanks for the amazing video!

    1. That sounds pretty amazing too! Was there a lot of wind that day?